#BEBEETHOVEN CAMPAIGN 250 years after Beethoven’s death, PODIUM Esslingen has chosen twelve young musicians to examine the essential questions and structures of musical creation. In collaboration with Büro Farbe, Ludwig Schmidt and Darwin Stapel, we had the honor to produce the visual campaign for the fellowship program named #bebeethoven.

Six figurative and six abstract video sequences have emerged for events and their social media channels, using Realtime VJ software Modul8 and the Adobe series.

#bebeethoven – a project by PODIUM Esslingen.
visual artwork: Schall & Schnabel
actor: Darwin Stapel
commissioned by Büro Farbe – studio for concept & design
AMW FILM FESTIVAL / GOSEE AWARDS 2017 Australian Music Week Film Festival selected Confidence Man’s Boyfriend music video for a special screening on Nov. 3rd in Sydney this year. For this occasion we collected a few making-of clips for our Instagram feed.

We got nominated for GoSee Awards within the section fashion photography this year. It’s such a great honour to be selected amongst so many wonderful colleagues.
ABSTRACT ARTWORK / VISUAL RESEARCH Since last year we’re experimenting with different digital distortion processes and overlaying effects besides our photographic and video works. Sometimes some of the results influenced our fashion editorial work, like Lack of Landscape and Unfixing Things, or were implemented into the video art piece »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING«.

We think of it as some sort of visual research and expansion of our visual tools and mindset, which has its origin in our call a few years ago to destroy our images and create new ones. We’re not really sure yet, where this is heading, but it’ll influence our works in the future, that’s for sure.

You can find more of this in our visual notebook at Instagram.
CONFIDENCE MAN – BETTER SIT DOWN BOY When we first listen to the song »Better sit down boy« by Confidence Man, we immediatley thought of a sport music video, but in a weird way. When we did some research, we stumbled upon Jazzercise TV videos from the early eighties with Judi Sheppard Misset. She is a blast! This inspired us to do a wild mixture of different sports, arobatics and choreographies, as well as a mixture of TV and Games optics.
Daniel Gildner, the bodybuilder, and Margot, the best age actress, added a special vibe to the video, underlined by the styling of Andrea Horn. Darwin Stapel developed choreographies, that had an ironic undertone. Confidence Man brought their incredible live performance onto the set.
Director: Schall & Schnabel
Actress: Margot Rummler @ Fangfrisch
Bodybuilder: Daniel Gildner
Choreography: Darwin Stapel
Styling: Andrea Horn
Hair & make-up: Jennifer Galle
Director's assistants: Jubal Battisti
Styling assistance: Nuria Gregori
Commissioner: PIAS, Heavenly Recordings & Amplifire
Director's Representative: OBmanagement
NEW SHOWREEL We collected our video works of the last two years in a short showreel. It contains music videos for various artists like James Hersey and Confidence Man, stop motion advertising spots for Wesco and renk. Magazine and video installations like »I need a break from shining« – a collaboration with the audio visual artist Lucas Gutierrez.

Recently Michele Faggi from Indie Eye.it asked us about our video works. Find the full interview here.
EXHIBITION BY OUR STUDENTS @ HTW BERLIN At the Werkschau exhibition at HTW Berlin our students show their results of our studio photography class. They created images to the topics surface structure, surreal and portfolio. The spectrum of the results ranges from fashion, through advertising to documentation photography.
It was a pleasure to work with so talented young people.
BEAUTY EDITORIAL »BELLEZZA« We had the pleasure to work with the incredible Jazz Mang @ basics berlin and Kati @ Iconic Management. It’s the start of a series of beauty shots.

Stay tuned – it will be colorful and experimental.
NEW FASHION EDITORIAL @ FGUK MAGAZINE We have published a new fashion editorial »Unfixing Things« @ FGUK Magazine – created in collaboration with our team Michael Hastreiter (Styling), Melanie Hunger @ Bigoudi (Hair & Make-up) and our lovely muse Dasha @ Iconic Management.

Dasha is styled using pieces from LENA VOUTTA, COS, Trippen, H&M, Yun Berlin, Steinrohner, Nobi Talai and Danny Reinke.
WORKSHOPS @ TINCON Two weeks ago we had the pleasure to be part of the teenageinternetwork convention TINCON. We held two stop motion GIF workshops about data security and pollution of the oceans. Together with some interested children we created short stories and produced GIFs with stop motion techniques. Thank you for this joy!

photo credit: © TINCON
CONFIDENCE MAN – BOYFRIEND (REPEAT) »Well, Brisbane band Confidence Man have in their colourful, stop-motion video for their latest track ‘Boyfriend’. In it, Ken and his poor friend Kevin get put through the wringer, being shredded, stapled, attacked with pliers, put in the microwave, sanded down, eaten by a dog and even blown up with dynamite. Far from being gruesome though, it’s just a fantastically fun and playful way to enact out some of the themes of the track itself, with the controlling hands even giving the middle finger to Ken.«
DIY Magazine

This was the most absurd shot list we ever had to work on; finally we could live out all our wildest childish fantasies. And you’ll always learn something from a new production: in this case, Ken is hard to knock around, Kevin is easier to crush.
Director: Schall & Schnabel
Production: Hannelore Dreist
Hand model: Melisa Karakus
Boyfriends: Ken & Kevin
Production Assistance: Danny Schuster, Jubal Battisti & Miriam Jacobi
Dog: Carlos a.k.a. Grandmaster Flausch (Thank you, Pia & Isabel)
Commissioner: PIAS
Director's Representative: OBmanagement
JAMES HERSEY – EVERYONE’S TALKING Our new music video »Everyone’s Talking« for James Hersey is out now. The video is about love in the days of the internet and social media. Video: Schall & Schnabel
Actress: Maren Batschkus @ Fangfrisch
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & make-up: Jennifer Galle
Production assistants: Melisa Karakus, Danny Schuster & Darwin Stapel
FASHION EDITORIAL »LACK OF LANDSCAPE« We have published a new fashion editorial called »Lack of Landscape« – created in collaboration with our amazing team Michael Hastreiter (Styling), Jazz Mang @ basics berlin (Hair & Make-up) and our extraordinary muse Irina @ Iconic Management.
RECAP »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING« The opening and exhibitions of our video installation »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING«, that we created in collaboration with AV artist Lucas Gutierrez, our talented muse Darwin Stapel and Jubal Battisti, has been a blast. We would like to thank again everyone involved in this project, our supporters and helpers:
Alex @ A Space Under Construction (ASUC), Mike @ BEAMER FUN 3D, Jörg, Simon, Marcus, Oliver, Daniel, Anna, Chris, Norman, Robert, Sarah, Melisa, Danny, Damian, Philipp, David, Lars & Blogfabrik.
INTERVIEW @ THE OPENING »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING« Shortly before the opening of our video installation with audio visual artist Lucas Gutierrez @ A Space Under Construction (ASUC), we were asked for an interview. . (Note: All the interview content was edited and manipulated with datamosh effects.)
TEASER »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING« You are cordially invited to the opening of our next exhibition & video installation »I need a break from shining« . ART UNDER CONSTRUCTION #4 meets Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM

26.01.2017 // 7 pm - midnight
Live Performance by Lucas Gutierrez at 8.30 pm
Aftershowparty from midnight @ Ritter Butzke // Free entrance for exhibition guests
A Space Under Construction (ASUC) // Ritterstrasse 26 // 10969 Berlin
U1 Prinzenstrasse // U8 Moritzplatz

27.1.2017 - 29.1.2017 from 5 pm - midnight // Free entrance
VIDEO INSTALLATION »I NEED A BREAK FROM SHINING« Narcissism is the thematic superstructure of the video installation »I need a break from shining« , presented as a collaboration between the audio visual artist Lucas Gutierrez and the multimedia artist duo Schall & Schnabel, which will be displayed from
26.01. - 29.01.2017 at A Space Under Construction (ASUC) .

The looped video, on a 20 m long and 2,8 m high white wall, work focuses on dealing with the everyday phenomenon of narcissism, as well as the pathological excesses of an exaggerated self-awareness. Inspired by their personal environment in the »creative industry« as well as the changes caused by handling of new technologies and social media and their feedback on the social behavior are integrated into the video installation. Disturbances of proximity and distance, in- and outside world, »Me« and »You« are reflected in the work through disturbances of the narrative elements, the image, through absurd turns and instructions.

We invite you to our opening at A Space Under Construction , Berlin on the 26th of January, 7pm at Ritterstr. 26, Berlin.
muse: Darwin Stapel
assistant: Jubal Battisti

with the friendly support of BEAMER FUN 3D
NEW PUBLICATION @ VMM Voix Meets Mode VMM Magazine Vol.3 - will feature a 32 pages spread, containing our two editorials "Solanum" & "Hello to the lunatics" and an interview with us about our creative journey so far. Get your own copy and preorder the Fearless issue @ voixmeetsmode.com

"To us, being fearless means to be yourself and to learn to acquaint yourself with strengths and weaknesses, constantly challenging and developing yourself as a human being and as an artist. Also being fearless is being able to embrace and accept the fact that you are going to fail sometimes and that too is perfectly okay because sometimes through failure we learn great lessons."
Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Amélie @ IZAIO models
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make Up: Mirjam Martino
Photography assistant: Jubal Battisti


Hello to the lunatics
Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Andrea @ m4 models management GmbH
Hair & Make-up: Marco Hülsebus
Styling: Sky Bulatovic
Photography assistance: Anne Ludwig